Are you an Actor or yourself in your leadership?

Do we complicate things too much sometimes?
Do we complicate too much how a leader should act and behave? Maybe we sometimes say that leadership is complicated and hard? But what do we really mean by that to ourself and others?

Is it a role that can be acted?
Maybe we believe that to be a leader is to act in a role? Well, isn´t that a profession in itself? It is called acting and performed by actors.
Maybe we have too many leaders acting as an actor? That may be easier because you take some kind of a privilegie to set yourself outside of the role. You think that it is a profession and you don´t have to participate? Is that even possible?

Maybe we sometimes
– Feels somewhat unsecure how to do and behave as a leader?
– Believe that it is a role to play to be a good leader?
– Puts on an armor not to be reached?
– Has the attitude that feelings belongs at home not at work?
– Believe that leadership is just for the ones that has a formal role as a leader?
– That it is the leaders in the leading management groups that should lead the others?
– Believe that a leadership course is all that is needed?
– Believe that if I will help others to change everything will work out well.
– But I don´t need to change myself?
– Believe that to change is more or less easy?

Usually and always
If we simply the way we look upon issues, things and situations , it will work out well and what needs to be done becomes more clear.
When we realize that leadership is in ourselves. The way we feel and are comfortable how we lead ourselves in our own life. When we feel good about it, others seem to like the way we behave too.

It gets even easier to develop my own leadership when we ask for help. People wants to help you!

Why not reflect upon
What do you do when ”you are yourself”? And you get the feedback that others sees, hears and feels that too.

It is hard to be someone else and nothing anyone will recommend, right?
Do you at work act as an actor or do you not, in the role you have?
Do you believe and see proofs within yourself that you are more altruistic in your behaviors than egoistic?

If you are more altruistic, others like to be around you and together with you. Why? Because they see, hear and feel that you care about them. They feel seen and confirmed.
Are you transparent and share information, ideas and knowledge that others can contribute from? Do you GIVE just to GIVE without expecting to get?
If you do, others will give to you and you will be pleased and surprised too.

Do you think that you and some others knows what is best? Do you also know that you are one of 6 billion others? What happens if they have the same opinion as you do? Maybe you instead believe that the truth is relative and the best truth is to share, discuss and have a dialogue?

So, If you ask yourself.
What behaviors do you have and are they coherent with what you are thinking and feeling. What answers do you get and proofs to yourself?